When we drink water, we commemorate the source

"When we drink water, we commemorate the source
. "
Chinese proverb

"Ch'an Shaolim Si"

Martial Arts:

The 18 Lohan Fist Methods are one of the basic techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu.

In the 70's I learned a version of this exercise method.

It is a meditative form of yoga practice consisting of concentration, movement and breathing.

These photos were taken 1977, when I was 25, in a Kung fu school in Duisburg, NRW Germany and are color-revised.

Thank you for the interest,
the Horst


Tao-Chi - seit 1988, die Schule für Kung-Fu und Tai-Chi, Qigong und Meditation in Duisburg-Neudorf

Tao-Chi, unser Logo, erstellt vom Künstler Klaus D. Schiemann  1988 Sightseeing, die Tao-Chi Webseitenübersicht

Tao-Chi,  seit 1988 die Schule für
 . Kung-Fu . Tai-Chi . Qigong . Meditation . Schwertkampfkunst . Tao . Kurse . Seminare . Workshops .
in Duisburg Neudorf
- Genießen Sie professionellen Unterricht in unserem Traditionell eingerichteten Übungsraum -

relax Your mind, tao heißt, einem Weg folgen. aus unserem Bilderbuch, ... unterwegs zum Quellenden Urgrund ...

Tao-Chi Grabenstraße 180
im Freizeit- und Gewerbehof Duisburg-Neudorf-Süd
im Jahr 2019
das Dojo, unser Übungsraum

In 1969, I was 17, I met a man who had worked as a lighthouse keeper.
He had traveled to Central America and earned his money there,
by flying people in a small plane to the ancient Mayan temples, and making pictures there, too.

That impressed me very much back then.

He did not like it in the big city,
that was why he wanted to go back to the smaller islands in the north.
From him I got this photo and some more,
but unfortunately I have lost most of them by several housing changes.

Tao” means, ... You should follow Your own WAY...